ZiPmedia BV are publishers specialising in the world of work in the broadest sense. At present, ZiPmedia publishes four online titles, backed up by events (offline) and print (reports, whitepapers, books).

ZiPconomy is an independent knowledge platform, community and specialist journal that aims to bring together unique opinion pieces on the flexibilization of organisations & the market for interim professionals. Online, offline and in ‘print’ (reports).



The (bilingual) Belgian sister title of ZiPconomy, NextConomy, is an independent knowledge platform and community in Belgium that bridges the gap between everyone involved in the ever-changing world of (freelance) work for individuals and the (flexible) organisation of work by organisations.



HR Tech Review
#HRTech Review is an independent knowledge platform, and a community of HR Tech Experts, that aims to assist users of HR technology in finding appropriate and innovative solutions.



HR Monitor
HR Monitor is a fortnightly newsletter for 25,000 HR professionals. The monitor delivers its own interviews, background stories and information pieces, backed up by a selection of relevant news from home and abroad.



FlexNieuws provides temp and staffing agencies and recruiters with knowledge and insight into developments in the staffing industry.


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